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What is it?

A tutor’s role is to act as a mentor and coach. Your tutor will become your best friend when it comes to practicing the language and receive personalized feedback and assignments. You will quickly become more comfortable expressing yourself and communicating with others.


Most students require some level of human support. Learning is as much about psychology as it is about pedagogy. The role of the personal language tutor enhances the overall experience and ensures maximum results.

Learn English with an Adapt2me Tutor

To book a tutor session

The benefits to have a tutor

  • Improve your pronunciation and fluidity
  • Review grammar concepts
  • Prepare for a test or job interview
  • Provide direct linguistic support, confidence and discipline
  • Receive pedagogical feedback and recommendations
  • Motivate and guide you to achieve your linguistic goals

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* For additional tutoring sessions please send a request to our support team: [email protected]