Personalized French and English online training maximizing student progress, motivation, and results.

Build your students' language confidence with Adapt2me

Adapt2me for Schools is the ideal solution to help your students increase their language proficiency faster.

Students are given access to the Adapt2me interactive online platform where they can practice reading, writing, listening and speaking. To maximize results, a certified Adapt2me tutor motivates and guides them through the program while allowing them to practice their French oral skills and gain confidence in speaking the new language.

The pedagogical content discussed during the tutoring sessions can be personalized for your classroom’s needs. You can track your students’ progress as they advance through the program.

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Beurling Academy in Montreal is already enjoying the benefits of using Adapt2me.

"I wanted 30 of me in the classroom so that I can actually go 1 on 1 with students and interact with them. Ever since I started using Adapt2me, the students’ motivation to learn French has changed completely. I am extremely satisfied with the results."

- Mme. Outland, French teacher at Beurling Academy

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Georges Laraque is coming to your school!

Become one of the 10 schools to have the privilege to welcome former NHL player and superstar Georges Laraque as a motivational speaker at your school!

Growing up as a francophone in Montreal, Georges knows the importance of being bilingual in Canada. Between April 1 and June 30 2017, 10 selected schools* will have the opportunity to have Georges connect with their students and tell his personal story about how speaking both official languages helped him throughout his athletic career. George believes that all Canadians should have the ability to speak English and French and is passionate about providing our youth with a brighter future.

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* Certain conditions apply, subject to availability

Georges Laraque with Beurling Academy students and the Adapt2me team during his visit to the school

To find out how you can get Georges Laraque to visit your school or for more information regarding the Adapt2me online language training, please contact:

Aminka Belvitt
Director of Sales & Business Development
514.989.1669, ext. 227
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