Behind Adapt2me

This venture started last year when the Adapt2me project received a $1 million grant from the Canada Media Fund (CMF) in order to develop an English and French language learning platform that will be available to learners on the web and via a mobile application.

Adapt2me was born through a collaborative effort between Language Research Development Group (LRDG) and Mentorum solutions, their technology and e-learning development partner.

What makes Adapt2me unique

  • Unique patented adaptive engine recommends content based on learners' strength and weaknesses allowing them to focus on specific areas and progress quickly.
  • Oral interaction and personalized feedback from a certified tutor allow learners to significantly improve pronunciation skills while staying motivated and focused.
  • Platform allows learners to track their progress, participate in discussions, be part of a learning community, and get support from a motivated and passionate team of people.

Our team consists of highly motivated individuals with a vision and passion to not just disrupting the language learning industry abut becoming the international standard for language training.

Investment Opportunities

We are excited to launch the beta version of Adapt2me and we are now focusing on its commercialization and financial success. We are currently looking for funding and strategic partnerships to commercialize our innovative platform and to help make Adapt2me a leader in online language training globally.

If you are interested in an investment opportunity with Adapt2me, please contact:

Julius Frohlich
514-989-1669 ext. 230