Adapt2me Payment Terms & Conditions

  1. Monthly Subscription

    1. A monthly subscription becomes effective immediately after you register.

    2. Please note that the fee for the first month will be charged on the day of registration, and the monthly fees thereafter will be charged on the same numbered day of each month.

    3. The subscription can be canceled at any time, and once cancelled, you will not be charged beyond that payment cycle. <b>You can use the service until the end of the payment cycle.

    4. If you cancel a monthly subscription, you will not be charged the following month.

      The new monthly subscription terms & conditions are effective as of May 1, 2015, but can be subject to change at any time without notice.

  2. Online Payment

    1. To pay for your subscription, you need to input your credit card details on the payment page. The experience is the same as with paying with a credit card.

    2. Payment platforms and credit cards handle currency conversions automatically based on the exchange rate at the time of purchase. There are no extra steps involved.

    3. For security purposes, we do not keep or store your credit card information as it is only used to complete the secure transaction. Your credit card number and other sensitive information will not be stored after the transaction is complete to help protect your credit card information.

    4. If you have a discount code, you need to enter it on the payment page.

  3. Renewals

    1. A monthly subscription will be renewed automatically until you cancel it.

    2. If you cancelled your plan, the subscription will not be renewed automatically. If you wish to continue to use the service after your plan has expired, please go to the “Plans” page to renew your subscription.

  4. Subscription Cancellation

    1. To cancel a subscription, please go to your account and select Plan.

  5. Refunds

    1. We don’t currently offer refunds after a plan has been paid for.